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Staff - firecombat4 - 06-17-2014

As our server nears release I have decided to post the staff list which will be updated as we gain or lose staff. Currently we have a wide range of staff in different countries to fill the timezone gaps and hopefully have an admin or mod available at all times for help, they are always very friendly and will help you always when needed. So if you have any questions please ask away!.

Who is our staff?
  • Rawr (Admin) - Timezone: GMT
  • Twipply (Admin) - Timezone: GMT
  • Nz_Candy (Admin in training, currently moderator) - Timezone: GMT
  • Zoey2070 (Mod) - Timezone: UTC -5
  • Dracoranger (Mod) - Timezone:
Will you be having more staff?
Currently the maximum amount of admins I would like to have is four which may scale up as the server hopefully becomes more popular. However I am looking for more mods as I really have none of them at the moment, if you think you have what it takes you may apply at, which will lead you to our mod application topic.

Hope everyone's enjoying themselves!
- Steve (Firecombat4)

Staff - Toshborn - 06-17-2014

Link doesn't work. Guessing it hasn't been created yet.

Staff - Chexmixin - 06-28-2014