Update Log #1 - A New Beginning - Printable Version
Update Log #1 - A New Beginning - Printable Version

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Update Log #1 - A New Beginning - firecombat4 - 08-29-2014

Hello everyone, I hope your all doing well. Today I thought that I should start providing everyone with a regular list of updates and additions for the server so I will start everything off with this thread! While I was away I was privately working on the "BCore" plugin which is the base for all the custom plugins on BiomeCraft. Not only that but I have been working on completely restructuring BiomeCraft which I am hoping will make it more fun to play on and provide you all with the interesting adventure you deserve! Below I have compiled a list of updates and additions.. Also, I will be starting to implement these changes in two days from this message. (There will be a lot of downtime during this time so please bare with us!)

(Note, some updates are still in progress and we are hoping to complete them before the 1.8 release)
  • Updated the vaults to not allow players to use commands near it and also not allow players to build within a 3x3 radius of it, also added some new "secret" items.
  • Changed the announcement messages to be more simple and include the [TIP] in front of them. Also reduced the time between each tip.
  • BiomeCraft will be going through its first and only map reset the details of this can be found http://biomecraft.com/index.php?threads/upcoming-map-reset.467/
  • Added the /shop command, this will allow you to buy various perks and upgrades on BiomeCraft. Such things could include additional homes
  • Reintroduce Towny (Configuring properly this time...) a guide on Towny can be found in our guides forum
  • Removing PStones
  • If you don't want to build in a Town you can still build by yourself using our new anti-grief system, simply place a chest and get started!
  • There will be a change to the market so you can only sell "junk" items like wood, stone, dirt etc. However you can still buy most items
  • The spawn will be completely rebuilt, its currently a mess and needs to be simple and clear to understand
  • The way guest to members will be changed, guests will need to apply to be promoted at the link http://biomecraft.com/apply ; Guest command use will be also limited to /spawn
  • Reduced the spawn rate of horses and prevented horse breeding
  • Added the ability to have a "virtual stable" you can buy and summon horses at will. A guide can be found in the guides section
  • Finally brought back the old "Skylands"
  • The end will now reset weekly and an Ender dragon will spawn daily
  • You can purchase lottery tickets now, up to 3 and all the money goes into a giant "pot". On the lottery draw the winner wins everything in the pot.
  • All groups will have a tag in front of their names, this will make it easier to distinguish what each group is. EX [Admin], [Mod]
  • Events and Minigames will be in its own world!