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BiomeCraft Forum Reintroduction - Admin - 11-14-2013

Hello everyone, I have decided to re-open the Biomecraft community forum as the first step to getting the Biomecraft server and community back on track. I know it has been a very long time since my last update or since you have probably even thought of Biomecraft, but I would like to bring you this update as a first step to show my dedicated to the project. With this I hope many of you will become active forum posters again as I remember it back in 2012

What does this mean for you?
What this means for us and for me is that I want to bring the server back to life and back into existence, I know I will have many weeks of tough decisions and backbreaking work, But I'm willing to start developing the server again for you guys!. I'm hoping many of the old players and new players we may come across will support the server and we can hopefully make this work like the bustling metropolis Biomecraft use to be!

How can I support the server?
As of now I need not ask for donations or any funding of the kind (although it is welcome and will gain you ranks items and ability's when the server is released) but instead just for the community to keep this forum active and try to bring new players to the forum until the server is released.
Why have I made this decision?
One reason is because I miss having the bustling server full of people who are all doing they're own things, but the main reason I couldn't do this before but can now is due to the fact that my studies are coming to an end, this means I will have much free time between this and work (hopefully), so I (and the Biomecraft staff) can spend much time on the server providing continuous updates for you too enjoy!

Thank you loyal Biomecrafters! I hope to see you all back here soon! Big Grin

- Steven/Firecombat4