BC: How to use Towny

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BC: How to use Towny
When broken up Towny is actually very simple and easy to use.

The basic commands are as follow...
- /town ? – Brings up all /town commands.

- /town join [townname] - Allows you to join a town if it's open.
- /town leave - Leaves your town.
- /town online - Shows who in your town is online.
- /town list - Lists the towns.
- /town add [username] - If you're a town mayor, you can add people to the town this way.
- /town kick [username] - Kicks a person from the town if you're the mayor.
- /town spawn - If a spawn is set for a town, you will teleport there with this command.
- /town claim - Claims the chunk you're on as part of your town.
- /town claim outpost - Allows you to claim an outpost. (Outposts are separate from the town)
- /town deposit - Puts money into the town bank.
- /town withdraw - Takes money from the town bank.
- /town set board - Sets the welcome message when residents log in.
- /town set mayor - Adds another person as town mayor.
- /town set homeblock - Changes your homeblock to the chunk in which you're standing.
- /town set spawn - Sets your town spawn.
- /town toggle open - Allows or denies people simply joining town without an invite.
-/town set [Rank] [username] - Allows you to set a certain rank within the town for residents.

For any extra commands please visit the Towny wiki at

New Nation: 500,000
New Town: 100,000
Outpost: 10,000
Town Block: 500
Bonus Town Block: 1000
Max Tax Amount: 1000
Nation Upkeep: 500 Per Day
Town Upkeen: 200 per day
If you are confused with the commands, please make a post below and we will try and help you out.

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