Official Rules

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Official Rules
BiomeCraft Official Rules

Lately I have come to the conclusion that the use of the /rules in-game isn't really enough of an explanation of the rules and may see you unfairly punished if you haven't read and understood them properly. I am posting this thread to rectify that issue and to hopefully lessen punishments. The rules are stated as such below. (Warning: Not following the rules may see you punished depending on the severity, this could include mutes/bans/jail time.)

  • Swearing is okay as long as its not excessive
  • No insulting others
  • No spamming and promoting other servers
  • Respect all others
  • Protection Stones placed too close to other Protection Stones will be removed by staff! (If reported by players and are within 5 chunks)
  • Griefing is no longer allowed (If reported the griefer will be banned and the are rolled back)
  • No Spawn camping
  • "I don't know" is not a valid excuse!
  • Don't ask to be Mod/Admin.. etc
  • If you have been griefed, please submit a grief report at (This may make it quicker for you as the staff aren't always available to help)
  • If you have an animal farm that is to big and causing lag to the server your animals may be removed by staff until the farm is at the safe level again (Around 20 of each animal type)
  • No x-ray or mods that may give you an unfair advantage over others. (Minimap mods are okay)
  • Do not impersonate staff
  • If you have donated it does not protect you from the rules!
  • Donors who have they're disguises active are not allowed to kill other people (You will be warned and continued abuse may have you banned)
  • If you need help, ask a staff member. Where here to help. (Using /helpme <message> will highlight your message to us!)
  • Do not abuse caps
  • Not glitching or setting home in other peoples bases
  • No posting randomly to achieve a higher post-count. This may include posts such as "haha lol", "xD" etc
  • Refrain from posting in the appeals section unless you are the one making the appeal (It makes it harder for moderators to see what is actually happening)
  • If your topic gets locked DO NOT create another topic the same.
And finally, as many of you may not know what the staffs jobs are or may not know who to ask for help I have outlined them below. This means that if there is say, a Mod online and you ask an admin for help with a job a Mod is dedicated to then likely the admin will ask a Mod (If ones online that is) to help you. So please ask the right people as it helps us help you faster!

Mods --> Set warps and place lava/fire/water/minecarts for guests.
Super-Mod -- > Mods + Protect Regions and Rollback griefs.
Builder --> Creates all the wonderful spawn buildings and artwork you see in-game

Admins --> Super-Mods + Making a Protected Region none-pvp and removing Protection Stones to close to others.
Op/Owner (White color in-game) --> Everything and anything Smile

I will be posting some other helpful threads below so stay tuned!
The rules are awesome, a lot more clear and reasonable, but players are going to have a hard time following them I bet, since so many of these rules are common habits done by them. Hopefully the rules stay this way.
The rules are awesome, a lot more clear and reasonable, however players are going to have a hard time following them, most likely, since so many of these rules are common habits done by them already. Hopefully the rules stay this way.
I have added a broadcast every 10 minutes, so hopefully this should be enough warning for everyone about the rule changes.

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