BC: Crafting throw-able discs (weapon)

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BC: Crafting throw-able discs (weapon)
The first thing you should know about this is that throwable discs is a revolutionary new concept that adds an entirely new type of weapon to the game, enhancing pvp and pve experiences. Once you craft these strong little suckers, you can throw them by right clicking and aiming at where you want to throw it.

How do I craft these?
There are actually 3 types of discs...
The Iron throwdisc, which does 2.5/10 hearts damage on hit
[Image: aYT8xU1e7QNxcqB-j7n9fHZIP1R8m-1dc9Yaaag2Z68.png]

The Gold Throwdisc, which does 3/10 hearts of damage on hit
[Image: 2zd8HJoampv4HuQlSPpimq_o2BuWX6JJIBkJYI1SdPQ.png]

And lastly the Diamond throwdisc, which does 3.5/10 hearts damage on hit
[Image: pmEx_ZrQStzpYCd8g6WGM-X42Tn1mmiyyqJydf7-7TE.png]

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