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  A sneak peak
Posted by: steve - 06-13-2016, 11:06 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Here are some super secret pictures of whats been happening in BiomeCraft lately,

[Image: publicpreview.php?x=1105&y=879&a=true&fi...calingup=0]

[Image: publicpreview.php?x=1105&y=879&a=true&fi...calingup=0]

[Image: publicpreview.php?x=1105&y=879&a=true&fi...calingup=0]

[Image: publicpreview.php?x=1105&y=879&a=true&fi...calingup=0]

[Image: publicpreview.php?x=1105&y=879&a=true&fi...calingup=0]

Happy Minecrafting!

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  It's time for an update
Posted by: steve - 05-04-2016, 08:53 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

I think it's time I let everyone know how Biomecraft is doing, it's been well over a year since our last update (back in 2014) and lots has changed since then. Since then I've been constantly (and I guess slowly) working on Biomecraft, creating plugins, spawn etc

So whats changed?
I think I should start by saying that everything has been wiped, all old databases and maps. Biomecraft will start with a new (and custom) map. You'll see much of a resemblance with the Biomecraft from back in 2014, and even further back to 2011 for those that can remember that far back, I like a lot of the ideas and concepts we had going back then and would like to keep them. There are a lot of small changes present too,  some you will find in the tutorial (/warp tutorial) and I'm sure others you will find out over time.

The spawn has been completely rebuilt along with the tutorial. Inside the spawn (reachable with /spawn) you will find a massive player market and server market (with various NPCS selling items), there is also a basic pvp arena. Also you will find a warphub and many other small and fun things to do (I encourage you to explore the spawn!).
The map is a gorgeous custom made map (credits for the map and all copied buildings can be found in-game with /warp credits). The map includes all original biomes (customized) and original ore spawns. You can also find a top down view of the map by visiting this link
Most things I would recommend to check out in-game, there is too many things to put here. Biomecraft is still a community based survival server with a rpg touch, the pvp/hardcore/other server types have never appealed to me and I wouldn't even know where to begin.

When will Biomecraft be publicly released?
I'm hoping for a full released date around June or July, I have a busy schedule but would love for Biomecraft to be back with a good player base so will keep working on it when I can. However before then I will be opening the server with a limited amount of slots for stress testing and feedback, I will keep you posted.

Thank you!

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  Party at the new spawn!
Posted by: Toshborn - 08-30-2014, 02:59 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

    To celebrate the creation of the new spawn, and in anticipation for the upcoming Biomecraft features, i've prepared an iconic poster with all your favourite biomecraft players to post and display :p

[Image: IpjxH0.png]

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  Update Log #1 - A New Beginning
Posted by: firecombat4 - 08-29-2014, 01:17 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello everyone, I hope your all doing well. Today I thought that I should start providing everyone with a regular list of updates and additions for the server so I will start everything off with this thread! While I was away I was privately working on the "BCore" plugin which is the base for all the custom plugins on BiomeCraft. Not only that but I have been working on completely restructuring BiomeCraft which I am hoping will make it more fun to play on and provide you all with the interesting adventure you deserve! Below I have compiled a list of updates and additions.. Also, I will be starting to implement these changes in two days from this message. (There will be a lot of downtime during this time so please bare with us!)

(Note, some updates are still in progress and we are hoping to complete them before the 1.8 release)

  • Updated the vaults to not allow players to use commands near it and also not allow players to build within a 3x3 radius of it, also added some new "secret" items.
  • Changed the announcement messages to be more simple and include the [TIP] in front of them. Also reduced the time between each tip.
  • BiomeCraft will be going through its first and only map reset the details of this can be found
  • Added the /shop command, this will allow you to buy various perks and upgrades on BiomeCraft. Such things could include additional homes
  • Reintroduce Towny (Configuring properly this time...) a guide on Towny can be found in our guides forum
  • Removing PStones
  • If you don't want to build in a Town you can still build by yourself using our new anti-grief system, simply place a chest and get started!
  • There will be a change to the market so you can only sell "junk" items like wood, stone, dirt etc. However you can still buy most items
  • The spawn will be completely rebuilt, its currently a mess and needs to be simple and clear to understand
  • The way guest to members will be changed, guests will need to apply to be promoted at the link ; Guest command use will be also limited to /spawn
  • Reduced the spawn rate of horses and prevented horse breeding
  • Added the ability to have a "virtual stable" you can buy and summon horses at will. A guide can be found in the guides section
  • Finally brought back the old "Skylands"
  • The end will now reset weekly and an Ender dragon will spawn daily
  • You can purchase lottery tickets now, up to 3 and all the money goes into a giant "pot". On the lottery draw the winner wins everything in the pot.
  • All groups will have a tag in front of their names, this will make it easier to distinguish what each group is. EX [Admin], [Mod]
  • Events and Minigames will be in its own world!

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  BiomeRumours #1
Posted by: Toshborn - 07-27-2014, 07:06 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

That's right BiomeRumours is back! If you're unsure what BiomeRumours is, it's a series of update videos about biomecraft, to ensure that all players understand the new updates, and no one misses out on the owner's hard work. Please feel free to comment below or on the video.
I know this video is broken, read below for info.

I understand that the video is broken, take it as an example of what BiomeRumours is, hopefully these problems will be fixed soon. Fraps has been playing up on me and although the gameplay has been recorded, it doesn't show up when uploaded. There are also parts of the video i had to remove because they didn't work, so i'm hoping the next video will be longer too.


Please fill in the following information:

Name of build / Title of build:
What makes it better than the other entries:

Screenshots / Video etc of build:

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  New Market
Posted by: firecombat4 - 07-26-2014, 05:38 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

As some of you may have noticed lately I have been talking about building a new market to fix the other old and broken market. With the help of our mod Mads we have finally created the new market!

What has changed as of the last market?

Well most obviously is the entire layout of the market, not only is it beautiful and simple, but also its much easier to read and understand. All items are split into four categories "Armor and Weapons", "PStones, Ores and Valuables", "Materials and Food" and lastly "Blocks".
Secondly you may notice a few extra blocks and a more spread out layout, this makes things much easier to read and on top of that we have more items that simply made sense to add into the market!.

Has anything else changed?
Well actually, yes! We now have something called tokens.

What are tokens?
Well to put it simply its a new kind of currency that can be used to purchase very special items. The TokenShop is found in the market and there are various types that you can buy, some of these include the Back Token which allows you to go back to the last location you teleported from, or death location!.

Great but how do I get tokens?
Well at the moment the only way is through voting, every vote you will receive a physical token that you can spend at the shop.

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Posted by: firecombat4 - 06-17-2014, 07:11 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

As our server nears release I have decided to post the staff list which will be updated as we gain or lose staff. Currently we have a wide range of staff in different countries to fill the timezone gaps and hopefully have an admin or mod available at all times for help, they are always very friendly and will help you always when needed. So if you have any questions please ask away!.

Who is our staff?

  • Rawr (Admin) - Timezone: GMT
  • Twipply (Admin) - Timezone: GMT
  • Nz_Candy (Admin in training, currently moderator) - Timezone: GMT
  • Zoey2070 (Mod) - Timezone: UTC -5
  • Dracoranger (Mod) - Timezone:
Will you be having more staff?
Currently the maximum amount of admins I would like to have is four which may scale up as the server hopefully becomes more popular. However I am looking for more mods as I really have none of them at the moment, if you think you have what it takes you may apply at, which will lead you to our mod application topic.

Hope everyone's enjoying themselves!
- Steve (Firecombat4)

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  BiomeCraft Release Date
Posted by: firecombat4 - 06-05-2014, 03:42 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

Hello everyone, I hope your having a great day.
So I'm going to get right into it and tell you that there's two things I need to address here, both good and bad news. The first is bad news as I want to get this over quickly. I will be going away tomorrow on a trip with my family, this means I can't work on the server for about a week and I wont be able to release the server in this week either, sorry for any expectations you may of had but I just can't do it this week.

Secondly I will end up on a lighter note, the server is nearing its final stages before it can be released and is about 70% complete, really all that needs doing before the release is to get all the mini games fully functional and working smoothly. At this stage I'm hoping to have it released mid June and that is when I will start promoting it also. For the Mini games to be completed to satisfaction I do need the help of a couple of dedicated builders which you can contact me via Skype if you wish to help out.

Thanks a lot guys!
- Steve

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  BiomeCraft Forum Reintroduction
Posted by: Admin - 11-14-2013, 05:21 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello everyone, I have decided to re-open the Biomecraft community forum as the first step to getting the Biomecraft server and community back on track. I know it has been a very long time since my last update or since you have probably even thought of Biomecraft, but I would like to bring you this update as a first step to show my dedicated to the project. With this I hope many of you will become active forum posters again as I remember it back in 2012

What does this mean for you?
What this means for us and for me is that I want to bring the server back to life and back into existence, I know I will have many weeks of tough decisions and backbreaking work, But I'm willing to start developing the server again for you guys!. I'm hoping many of the old players and new players we may come across will support the server and we can hopefully make this work like the bustling metropolis Biomecraft use to be!

How can I support the server?
As of now I need not ask for donations or any funding of the kind (although it is welcome and will gain you ranks items and ability's when the server is released) but instead just for the community to keep this forum active and try to bring new players to the forum until the server is released.
Why have I made this decision?
One reason is because I miss having the bustling server full of people who are all doing they're own things, but the main reason I couldn't do this before but can now is due to the fact that my studies are coming to an end, this means I will have much free time between this and work (hopefully), so I (and the Biomecraft staff) can spend much time on the server providing continuous updates for you too enjoy!

Thank you loyal Biomecrafters! I hope to see you all back here soon! Big Grin

- Steven/Firecombat4

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