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    All times are UTC -8 Pacific standard time. Be sure to check your own timezone

    Daily events

    Starting at 8am daily we have many events that will open and close throughout the day, some offering great rewards. More events are constantly being added and will be announced in game. This is more of a comprehensive outline of the goings on. See the table below

    Event name
    Mob arena - default
    8 AM
    3 PM
    Mob arena - Sparse
    9 AM
    1 PM
    Mob arena - Coliseum
    3 PM 8 PM
    Cube runner - Brighten
    12 PM 8 PM
    Cube runner - Coming soon
    Parkour - Graz
    All day
    All day
    Parkour - Hazard
    2 PM
    10 PM

    Weekly events

    These are more long term events (as it says, weekly) with the addition of receiving special abilities and permissions. These are usually announced as the themes and other small things change each week. Outlines below are the events we run.

    • Building contest - build to your hearts
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    Although not an enjoyable in order to keep the peace in Biomecraft we must enforce some basic rules. All players must follow these rules so it is advisable to read and understand them so you can enjoy our server. The rules may be changed if staff see fit. Please ask any questions you're having trouble understanding them.

    1. Respect all user

    Everyone is human, we understand that. But when you are playing on Biomecraft you must be mindful of the other people playing. This means conducting yourself in a sensible manner that will allow us to all have a good time. We will not tolerate the following:

    • Discrimination or other racism
    • Offensive remarks
    • Provocative communication
    • Trolling or childish behavior

    2. Multiple accounts

    We understand you may have more then one account and will want to log in from time to time on both at once, this is okay. However, if you are found to be using more then two accounts (especially to

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