Ban Twipply

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Ban Twipply
As many of you know I'm not the friendliest of characters but only to those who I dislike or have offended me in anyway.

But a certain member of staff has revoked my ability to run a simple command which is supplied to all, through a joke between me another member and partly the server owner. I can't be bothered to write this anymore but Steve you have so many complaints about twipply doooo something dood!
I would have to agree on his view, i'd say at least he could be set to a normal member, but maybe further action is necessary if there are this many complaints
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Honestly if you guys want him banned you should provide me with some solid evidence, I know of this issue in particular but I also wish to have screenshots and if possible videos as I'm not always there to oversee everything. Once you come up with some of the evidence I suggested you can create another topic, however I'm going to go ahead and close out this request for now. (PS. I can look at chat logs, but you'll need to give me a time and date!).

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