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New Market
As some of you may have noticed lately I have been talking about building a new market to fix the other old and broken market. With the help of our mod Mads we have finally created the new market!

What has changed as of the last market?

Well most obviously is the entire layout of the market, not only is it beautiful and simple, but also its much easier to read and understand. All items are split into four categories "Armor and Weapons", "PStones, Ores and Valuables", "Materials and Food" and lastly "Blocks".
Secondly you may notice a few extra blocks and a more spread out layout, this makes things much easier to read and on top of that we have more items that simply made sense to add into the market!.

Has anything else changed?
Well actually, yes! We now have something called tokens.

What are tokens?
Well to put it simply its a new kind of currency that can be used to purchase very special items. The TokenShop is found in the market and there are various types that you can buy, some of these include the Back Token which allows you to go back to the last location you teleported from, or death location!.

Great but how do I get tokens?
Well at the moment the only way is through voting, every vote you will receive a physical token that you can spend at the shop.

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