BiomeRumours #1

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BiomeRumours #1
That's right BiomeRumours is back! If you're unsure what BiomeRumours is, it's a series of update videos about biomecraft, to ensure that all players understand the new updates, and no one misses out on the owner's hard work. Please feel free to comment below or on the video.
I know this video is broken, read below for info.

I understand that the video is broken, take it as an example of what BiomeRumours is, hopefully these problems will be fixed soon. Fraps has been playing up on me and although the gameplay has been recorded, it doesn't show up when uploaded. There are also parts of the video i had to remove because they didn't work, so i'm hoping the next video will be longer too.


Please fill in the following information:

Name of build / Title of build:
What makes it better than the other entries:

Screenshots / Video etc of build:
[COLOR=rgb(255, 0, 0)][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]Feel free to enter the largest city on Biomecraft via[/COLOR] /warp Sundown [/COLOR]

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