It's time for an update

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It's time for an update
I think it's time I let everyone know how Biomecraft is doing, it's been well over a year since our last update (back in 2014) and lots has changed since then. Since then I've been constantly (and I guess slowly) working on Biomecraft, creating plugins, spawn etc

So whats changed?
I think I should start by saying that everything has been wiped, all old databases and maps. Biomecraft will start with a new (and custom) map. You'll see much of a resemblance with the Biomecraft from back in 2014, and even further back to 2011 for those that can remember that far back, I like a lot of the ideas and concepts we had going back then and would like to keep them. There are a lot of small changes present too,  some you will find in the tutorial (/warp tutorial) and I'm sure others you will find out over time.

The spawn has been completely rebuilt along with the tutorial. Inside the spawn (reachable with /spawn) you will find a massive player market and server market (with various NPCS selling items), there is also a basic pvp arena. Also you will find a warphub and many other small and fun things to do (I encourage you to explore the spawn!).
The map is a gorgeous custom made map (credits for the map and all copied buildings can be found in-game with /warp credits). The map includes all original biomes (customized) and original ore spawns. You can also find a top down view of the map by visiting this link
Most things I would recommend to check out in-game, there is too many things to put here. Biomecraft is still a community based survival server with a rpg touch, the pvp/hardcore/other server types have never appealed to me and I wouldn't even know where to begin.

When will Biomecraft be publicly released?
I'm hoping for a full released date around June or July, I have a busy schedule but would love for Biomecraft to be back with a good player base so will keep working on it when I can. However before then I will be opening the server with a limited amount of slots for stress testing and feedback, I will keep you posted.

Thank you!

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