Upcoming Map Reset

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Upcoming Map Reset
As all of you may of heard or read from the update log BiomeCraft will be having a full "Map Reset", I won't go into full details on why this is happening but it was mainly due to the old market glitches and people getting to many valuable items which impacted the servers economy and the server itself negatively.

What will be reset?
The main thing to be reset is the BiomeCraft world itself its sad to say that you will lose items, this can't be helped. Alongside this economy balances will also be reset.

Will I be able to keep any items?
Yes (well sort of) we will be running both worlds side by side for a time so we can copy things from one world to the next.

What can I keep?
- You may keep your MCMMO levels
- You can keep up to 6 double chests worth of items
- Items below are only limits for those items, you can bring any other items.

Inside the chests you can keep the items below...
- Up to 32 Diamonds total over all chests
- Up to 2 stacks of iron ingots
- Up to 2 stacks of gold ingots
- Up to 5 stacks of coal
- Up to 3 stacks of redstone blocks
- Up to 1 Stack of emeralds
- Up to 5 enchanted books
- An enchanted (or none enchanted) tool set of your liking
- An enchanted armor set of your liking
- No other ores are allowed (these will be removed)
- No XP Bottles
- You may keep 1 building up to 300x300 in size, chests will be removed from the build so please make sure you put the chests you want to keep nearby for us to copy. Ore blocks will also be removed

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