Token Types Explanation

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Token Types Explanation
Hello everyone, just thought I would write this thread explaining each token type. Hopefully you'll know what each token does after reading Big Grin

Back Token
A savior of its type, when you die your location is stored on the server. If you have the Back Token, you can use it to visit the last place you died.
Location Token
Essentially the same as using an ender pearl on steroids, when used it will teleport you to the block your looking at.
Death Token
One of the most handy Tokens, when you are about to die this token will activate and replenish your health and hunger.
SmallXP Token
This one comes in handy if your an enchanter, when used you will gain 15 levels of XP.
LargeXP Token
Essentially the same as the small xp token, when used you will gain 30 levels of XP.
Speed Token
Run super fast after using this token!
Jump Token
Jump super high after using this token!

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