BiomeCraft Release Date

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BiomeCraft Release Date
Hello everyone, I hope your having a great day.
So I'm going to get right into it and tell you that there's two things I need to address here, both good and bad news. The first is bad news as I want to get this over quickly. I will be going away tomorrow on a trip with my family, this means I can't work on the server for about a week and I wont be able to release the server in this week either, sorry for any expectations you may of had but I just can't do it this week.

Secondly I will end up on a lighter note, the server is nearing its final stages before it can be released and is about 70% complete, really all that needs doing before the release is to get all the mini games fully functional and working smoothly. At this stage I'm hoping to have it released mid June and that is when I will start promoting it also. For the Mini games to be completed to satisfaction I do need the help of a couple of dedicated builders which you can contact me via Skype if you wish to help out.

Thanks a lot guys!
- Steve
Sounds awesome, good to see it all coming together, whether or not it may be slow.
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When you get back you should tell us all the details about the family trip, story time with Steve!
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